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Welcome to the new Coronavirus Forums


After reading about so much misinformation spreading around, and experiencing firsthand the reactions people have to it, my wife and I thought there should be a safe place for people of all ages to come and discuss the Coronavirus, which appears to be staying with us for a while.

On our website you’ll find some debunking of false claims and articles, and some general news and information about the Coronavirus. As well as a community spirit where people who are shielding or furloughing can share their experiences and reassure each other in a safe environment. Along with sharing useful tips about how to keep one’s mental health tip top, physical health improved, and of course the mind occupied.

We’ll keep the website updated as best we can between actual work. The Coronavirus Forum is now online. We’re working on the categories themselves but anybody can register and post to the forum.

We’re techies in the real world and will keep your data safe and secure. We do this for a living. Although we won’t be profiting from this website at all. We just like to help. 🙂

Coronavirus; what is it?

Coronavirus Microscopic View – Creator: Naeblys | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

We are starting to compile some useful information and links to reputable sources. Our first article is; Coronavirus; what is it?

We’re looking for contributors who can help fact-check news articles and sift through the many sources of Coronavirus information to find the accurate up-to-date scientific opinions and papers.

Also, if you’re bored in isolation, at home furloughing, or shielding yourself or family members, then come chat about anything at all in our forums.


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