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Trusted Coronavirus Facebook Groups


There are some Trusted Coronavirus Facebook Groups. We just need to dig through them to find the good ones.

We might knock social media for being a nightmare when it comes to misinformation. But although the social media platforms are there to make their investors money, their users aren’t. They’re usually always there to help. Even when sharing social-media misinformation with their closest friends, they’re assuming what they’re reading is true and that they’re helping their friends out.

So given that fact, let’s not knock the users of social media, and share the good trusted facebook groups, twitter profiles, and instagram users that are sharing good Coronavirus news, and even mental health groups, exercise / physical health groups, and any other useful trusted social media influencers you’ve found to be helpful to you.

Wanted: Social Media Profiles, Accounts, Groups, Pages, etc – that YOU have found helpful and trustworthy yourself. We’ll fact-check them then share the good ones. Please comment below with links to said profiles. Thanks in advance. (We’re community-driven so need YOU to reply with sources for us!)

We’ll have a forum category setup for sharing these soon, but for now please comment below with the links to the groups / accounts and we’ll do a bit of research on them then compile them in a helpful list here for you all.


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