NHS Volunteer Responders


Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson called upon the public to support the NHS and be an NHS Volunteer Responder. Since then, at the peak of lockdown there were 750,000 people that registered to help out in their spare time.

NHS Volunteer Responders and the Royal Voluntary Association

NHS Volunteer Responders

The NHS Volunteer Responders programme is open to anyone that has been self islolating, shielding or classed as vulnerable. This includes but is not limited to:

  • People who have been asked to self isolate by the NHS Test and Trace system
  • Anyone that has been told they are vulnerable e.g breathing problems, pregnancy, disability or over 70.
  • Anyone that is a Carer
  • People returning to the country who have been told to isolate.

Contact 0808 196 3646

You can make a referral for yourself or someone you care for by calling 0808 196 3646 between 8am and 8pm and the details will be sent to the nearest available Responder.

Responders can help with a range of different things, so it is important to be specific to what you need so the right volunteer can be allocated to you. They mainly help with shopping, prescription pick up and calling up to make sure you are doing OK. In some cases a Responder may be able to offer you transport to your essential medical appointments.

All volunteers have been checked and verified and have completed a training pack when they first joined the scheme, so you can rest assured that they are genuine Responders. They will also have ID on their phone detailing the number of hours they have volunteered.

This service has been vital for thousands of vulnerable people who have been unable to leave their homes for a long time. As the lockdown eases the service is still available. At the moment it is expected to run until Autumn 2020 however this may be reviewed nearer the time. Service Users and Volunteers will be contacted with further information.

NHS Volunteer Responders

You can join our Coronavirus Forums for FREE to chat to other people and volunteers in the UK here.


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