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Coronavirus Forum for all those who wish to discuss Coronavirus issues. And to ask and answer Coronavirus Questions. A community-driven fact-checked forum that is also there for those who are shielding, by way of providing advice with regards to how to get shopping done for you.

Viewing 13 topics - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
Viewing 13 topics - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

Coronavirus Forum; How to get Prescriptions, Medication, and School Grades

And how to get prescriptions and medication delivered. Along with just helping each other out when it comes to all those issues we’ve come across and heard in the news a lot. School, College and University Grades. GCSEs grades, A-Level Grades and so on.

Coronavirus Forum for both Employers Advice and Employee Advice

As well as employer and employee advice with regards to furloughing scheme, pension contributions and national insurance contributions. There has been a massive amount of information to take in as an employer and employee. And we’ll sift through the lot and find out the important fact-based information and share this in the dedicated employee and employer forums.

Where are the Coronavirus forums?

The Coronavirus Forums are now up and running. Registration is free. We’re looking for helpful volunteers to come and get the place looking busy with lots of common questions answered.

It’s also a good place to get away from life and social media in general, and chat with other like-minded people who are in the same boat as you in the real world.

Coronavirus; what is it?

Coronavirus Microscopic View – Creator: Naeblys | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Coronavirus; what is it? – (Dedicated Explanation Page)

Coronavirus is a type of virus that can be found in both animals and humans. It has proteins on the outside of it that under a very strong microscope appear to be similar to a crown, or a ‘corona’.

The virus is one which mutates easily because it doesn’t rely on DNA for their genome, but RNA which it carries inside. (Explanation required)

Coronaviruses are known to be quite large in the RNA-genomed viruses.

Until relatively recently (around 2002) there were only two main recognised coronaviruses that were mild in nature and caused not much more than a common cold.

COVID-19, the name of the infection this type of virus causes, is serious because it can cause a lot of damage to a human, the full extent of which we don’t actually yet know. Permanent heart damage, lung damage, general tissue damage along with less serious symptoms including loss of sleep, loss of taste, loss of smell etc have all been found attributed to COVID-19 and this current coronavirus epidemic.

Who is most likely to suffer from Coronavirus?

88% of all deaths in Great Britain (source required) are those over the age of 65. Most are male. Most have underlying health problems, usually in the form of Type-2 Diabeties, existing heart conditions, lung problems such as COPD. Although all humans can be affected, and even lots of other species.

In the UK we have a science-based national governmental reaction system whereby localities can be ‘locked-down’ should an outbreak occur, but the Government will not rule-out a full national lockdown should a second wave appear imminent.

Get a free Coronavirus Test

You can check the following for more specific advice for your country:

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